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“Nørdede Fysioterapeuter”


Martin Hjøllund Sonne

I graduated from the University College Sjælland in 2006 and have since worked in numerous private practices.

I’ve been consulting several Division Sports Clubs, and in addition, I do work evaluation (APV, ArbejdsPladsVurderinger) for large companies.  

My wide range of experience and years of knowledge means that I can quickly and effectively assess the situation, and provide you a plan of action.

My goal in treatment is to optimize your body and your performance.  I primarily work Manual Physical Therapy and as my patient, you can expect homework.

When you bring me a symptom, I will examine and listen to you, so that we together can determine which treatment plan will work best for you.  

In my experience, the cause of a problem is sometimes triggered by less obvious factors and often stem from areas other than where they originally appeared. That is why it is crucial to have a good working relationship with your physical therapist.

I supplement my physical therapy treatment with acupuncture.  Many of my patients respond well to a combination of manual treatment and acupuncture.

It is very important to me, that you feel safe in my treatment and that you leave every session knowing what our next step is and how far we have come in reaching your set goal.

Contact Martin at [email protected]

I excel at

  • Shoulder and neck issues
  • Jaw problems
  • Connective tissue treatments
  • Headaches
  • Ankle problems


  • BBAT 2006
  • Acupuncture 2007
  • Consultant of Physical activity 2007
  • Ergonomics og work environment consultant 2006
  • Mulligan OE 2008
  • Mckenzie (part A) 2009
  • Clinical Supervisor in Physiotherapy 2010
  • Sports Physiotherapy part 1 2010

Prior experience

  • Klink for Fysioterapi Jorcks Passage
  • Fysioterapien.dk
  • Cortsen fysioterapi
  • 1. Choice fysioterapi
  • APV and treatments
    at several big and medium-sized companies