Heidi Stenfeldt

To me, it is crucial that the treatment is based on exactly what you want and need. Therefore I always start the first consultation with a talk about your challenge.

Even though you may experience your pain in one specific place, I will always test and examine many of the muscles, ligaments and joints in your body, not just the painful area, because no part of the body works separately – every part of the body is connected to each other.

After longer or shorter periods of being in pain, your body will start to form compensation patterns. It is important to see and fix both the compensation patterns and the true cause of your injury.

It is all about giving the body the opportunity to have full and pain free mobility.
Making it strong and stable to withstand the challenges of everyday life and building up the stamina to get through everyday life with ease.

It is your body and your responsibility – but together we will work towards getting you back to a pain free state or making you stronger and faster then you already are.

Contact Heidi at heidi@fysio360.dk

I excel at

  • Jaw issues
  • Headaches
  • Back problems
  • Pelvis dysfunctions
  • Pregnancy- and post birth-treatments


  • Mckenzie – Neck, back and lower back (2012)
  • Mulligan – upper- and lower body (2013)
  • Kinesie tape K Active (2013)
  • Correction Academy; Shoulder, elbow og hand (2014)
  • Running analysis (2014)
  • Acupuncture (2014)
  • Treatment of jaw, Temporal-Mandibular Dysfunction (2016)
  • Scanning with ultra sound (2016)
  • Anatomy in Motion, Gary Ward (2017)
  • 8 weeks Mindfulness Bases Stress Redukcion, MBSR, Århus Universitet (2019)
  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy, level 1 (2019)

Prior experience

  • Fysiotherapist and co-owner of FYSIO360 (2016 – Nu)
  • Fysiotherapist, Cortsen Fysioterapi (2012 – 2016)
  • Fysiotherapist, Frederiksberg Fysioterapi (2012 – 2013)
  • Fysiotherapist, Nørrebro Fysioterapi (2012)
  • Fysiotherapist, CityFys (2012)